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Unlock your E-Marketing Potential and Propel your Profits with Radical IQ's Advanced Marketing Features!

RadicalIQ might be simple to use, but there is nothing basic about this email marketing software.

Best of all, these advanced features are available in ALL versions of RadicalIQ!

This is highly sophisticated, powerful software, that allows you to easily tap into a number of advanced e-marketing features that would turn professional marketers green with envy.


An auto-responder is a series of emails sent at timed intervals, one after another.

For example, you may have an auto-responder series designed to turn your customer leads into sales.

So... you would set up an auto-responder campaign, which sends out maybe one or two introductory emails at intervals. These allow prospective customers to get to know you a little better, and start to build that crucial relationship.

These might then be followed by another one or two auto-responder emails. The auto-responder emails will be sent at regular intervals, and will encourage your prospective customers (who now know all about you) to purchase your products, by offering a discount or other promotion.

Doing this with individual emails would be extremely time consuming...
Fortunately, RadicalIQ allows you to set up an Auto-Responder series.

This allows you to pre-load the series of emails and time precisely when they need to be sent - so that it all just happens automatically!

Now that's leverage - the real benefit of good software.

When that auto-responder finishes, if you want to move your customers to another auto-responder campaign, this is as simple as a click of the button.

Setting up an Autoresponder Campaign

Managing your Autoresponder Campaign

Customer Relations Management Features

Not only is RadicalIQ a powerful e-marketing software solution, it also contains many features you would expect from a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system.

In fact you can manage your whole client database using RadicalIQ!

Customer Relations Management software

This easy to use system enables you to:

  • Record contact information
    You can also place notes on a contact's file.

  • Automatically record all email contact with a client
    Easily view on a single screen, how many emails you've sent to the client, and the result of those emails! You can see the advantage of this.

  • Set up your own custom fields
    Record customer details and data relevant to your company and campaign.

The Power of Windows Desktop Software, with all the Advantages of the Web!

RadicalIQ has been uniquely designed to offer you the best of both worlds.

  • Radical is Windows desktop software
    This means that it is installed and run on your PC the same way that programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and other software programs run locally on your computer.

    You don't need to login to a website to use RadicalIQ, you simply click a shortcut on your computer, and you're up and running.

    This design means that RadicalIQ is very fast, very responsive, and very user-friendly.


  • RadicalIQ also harnesses the power of the web!
    RadicalIQ has a unique feature, which enables you to connect to your database in 'Remote' mode.

    This means that even if you are not in the office, you can still connect to RadicalIQ to look up contacts and send emails via any internet connection.

Radical IQ is the Complete E-Marketing Solution