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Discover a SOPHISTICATED E-Marketing Solution that's as Easy to Use as 1-2-3!

RadicalIQ email marketing software has been designed from the ground up with customer usability at it's core.

  • We know that in this fast paced world you don't want software that actually makes life harder and slows you down.

  • We know that you don't want to have to invest huge amounts of your business budget sending staff on training courses to learn how to use a new product.

  • We know that you want something you can easily load up and use right away.

  • We know that you want software that gets you results quickly without breaking the bank.

When it comes to e-marketing, RadicalIQ offers you a solution that won't disappoint.

It's incredibly easy to get started, then just watch the results of your marketing campaigns roll in.

In fact, it's as easy as 1-2-3:


Create your E-Mail Campaign
  • Powerful Editing Suite
    Write your email newsletter, promotional material, press release, or any other document in Word, and simply paste it into RadicalIQ's powerful editiing suite.

  • Advanced Editing Features
    Use RadicalIQ's advanced editing features to easily insert images, links, tables and much more.

  • Save Templates
    Leverage your time - all emails will be automatically saved, so you can use them as future templates.

  • Professional Design Service
    Create a powerful and lasting impression on your customers with our professional email design service. Click here to see some of the email designs we've created for our clients?


Send your E-Mail Campaign
  • Sophisticated CRM Features
    Revolutionise the way you categorise and manage your database, with RadicalIQ's sophisticated CRM features.

  • Target Customer Groups
    Precisely target your E-marketing campaigns by easily selecting relevant groups or customers from your database.

  • User Friendly
    Then, simply hit the send button. RadicalIQ really is that user friendly.


Track your E-Mail Campaign
  • Automatic Reports
    RadicalIQ automatically generates valuable in-depth reports.

  • Response Statistics
    Discover, at a glance, just how many people received your email and how they responded.

  • Grow Your Business
    Use this powerful data to improve future campaigns, and grow your business.

Radical IQ is the Complete E-Marketing Solution