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Discover a Fast, Effective, COMPLETE E-MARKETING SOLUTION Designed to Bring You More Customers, Drive-Up Profits and Revolutionise YOUR Business!

Introducing RadicalIQ... POWERFUL, USER-FRIENDLY software by Currant LTD!

With no training and no experience, RadicalIQ can help you unlock the secret of E-marketing, and put your business firmly ahead of the competition.

10 Reasons Why RadicalIQ is the Software for You:

Database Management
One-Off Emails
Targeted Group Emails
Marketing Campaigns
Campaign Evaluations
Press Releases
Corporate Communications
And much much more...

It's arrived...

RadicalIQ is proud to present powerful new software designed to enable UK businesses of all sizes to communicate with their clients quickly, effectively... and profitably!

Keep reading to discover all the sophisticated email marketing features RadicalIQ has to offer.

This is without doubt a top-end e-marketing solution. It's fast, responsive and effective with powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features as well as campaign tracking and evaluation!


Our team of software engineers have worked to ensure RadicalIQ is not only powerful and sophisticated, but incredibly user-friendly.

With RadicalIQ, you'll be able to hit the ground running, and turn your e-marketing results around instantly, with no experience or training needed.

Radical IQ is the Complete E-Marketing Solution